I struggled in this for many years because i always done things right and got the final result (EFFECTIVENESS) but i would sometimes take an unconventional route not always doing things by the book, which was efficient for me but others not (EFFICIENTLY). Setting specific actionable goals can be considered a must-do when it comes to being successful. Regardless of how you define success if you aren’t moving forward in the right direction you won’t make any meaningful progress.

| NOTE: The key word MEANINGFUL |

If you have ever read the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Cove, get reading.. He briefly touches on the difference between the average person and the extraordinary person. He found the major difference between the two was that extraordinary people understood the difference between EFFECTIVENESS and EFFICIENCY.

This day and age companies, people and you, are more obsessed with overall efficiency when it comes to getting work done AND the majority of the time is spent towards meaningless unimportant goals/tasks.

When you hear the term effectiveness, which I here often between trainer and client when they are discussing the clients objectives,I say to the coach at the side, "It’s not so much about getting as much done in a limited amount of time but rather accomplishing the things that actually MATTER".

Think about it, when it comes to working out, people spend more time worrying about their outfits, their protein shakes, their supplements and their music rather than actually getting after it in the first place creating an emotional response to the person.

So in saying that should we forget all the pointless stuff to focus on being effective? Look for the MEANINGFUL EMOTION so you get the task done and with that one you will actually produce the most results.

Take this as a challenge to change your mindset in all areas of life. Focus on being effective by choosing the correct meaningful emotion of WHY your DOING IT so you get what matters, DONE.